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Cube Holocope
The Holoscope: a cube of mirrors. A type of kaleidoscope based on truncated Platonic solids by artist Gary Allison. This holoscope is in the form of a cube with each corner cut off allowing light to enter through triangular holes. Through the symmetry of the reflections, these triangles appear as an infinite array of stellated octahedrons. Each holoscope has stained glass on the exterior and front surface mirrors on the inside which create the amazing and seemingly impossible spaces within. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for more info on holoscopes and the artist that makes them, and where to get many of the amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #kaleidoscope #mirrors #reflection #multiplereflection #geometry #cube #platonicsolid #optics #light #infinity #physics #physicstoy #science #mathtoy #mathstoy #scienceisawesome
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See the artist's gallery here:

The artwork of Gary Allison: Holoscopeworld.com

RGB Color Addition
RGB Color Addition: three LED light boxes demonstrate the additive nature of colored light. Mixing Red, Green, and Blue to create Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. An object casts shadows showing the following mixings: R+G=Y, G+B=C, and R+B=M. Adding all three R+G+B produces White (a little pinkish here as the Red is a little bit bright for complete white balance). RGB color addition is the basis for all computer and TV displays- all the colors you are looking at right now on your screen are made from adding pixels of R G and B in different proportions and intensities! ➡️ This video features Light Blox available from Laser Classroom. Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get these and many other items featured on @physicsfun. #physics #physicstoy #RGB #RGBcolor #optics #shadow #coloraddition #visualperception #colorperception #science #wavelength #frequency #scienceisawesome
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These Light Blox are available in this nice kit from Laser Classroom, a science education supplier:

From Laser Classroom: Light, Color and Shadow Kit

Wikipedia has a fantastic introduction on the topic of RGB Color Theory

Hoberman Orbiter
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These are no longer in production but there is one currently available on eBay:

From eBay: Hoberman Orbiter

Hoberman Spheres are still in production-- see the following video and links for details.

Hoberman Sphere
These are still in production and come in various sizes and colors:

From Amazon: Hoberman Spheres

Curie Point Heat Engine
Here is a birthday candled powered version:

From Grand Illusions Ltd.: Curie Engine

Make your own Curie engine like the one in the video. I used a neodymium magnetic necklace clasp for the moving magnet:

Frem eBay:Magnetic Clasp

Thermochromic Chiral Liquid Crystal
Get one here:

From Educational Innovations: Thermochromic Liquid Crystal

Magnetic Levitation in 1D
Get one here:

From Educational Innovations: Floating Ring Magnets

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Get one here:

From Educational Innovations: Zoetrope

Faraday Train
Faraday Train: two magnets, one battery, and a coil of bare copper wire are the simple essence of this self propelled craft. The magnets conduct electricity, thus when put in contact with the coil current will flow creating a solenoidal magnetic field in the vicinity of the battery, which in turn pushes on the magnets at each end of the battery moving the craft along. The spherical neodymium magnets used allows the craft to slide along the coil with minimal friction. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile to buy the parts to make your own and to find many of the items featured here on @physicsfun #faraday #faradaytrain #physics #physicstoy #coil #solenoid #electromagnet #electromagnetism #neodymium #magnet #ampere #ampereslaw #magneticfield #magneticrepulsion #magneticforce #science #maker #dyi #scienceisawesome #backemf
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Here's the parts to make your own:

From Amazon: Neodymium Sphere Magnet 3/4 inch

From Amazon: Bare Copper Wire 10 gauge
The wire used for the Faraday Train has to be bare- so make sure it does not have any kind of clear coating on it. The solid grounding wire sold at hardware stores works great.

Here is a nice description of the Faraday Train and the physics of its propulsion.

Cube Top
See the next video for more of Kyle's work.

Balancing Man: low center of mass kinetic art
Balancing Man: low center of mass kinetic art sculpture by Kyle Auga @kyleskinetics has the curious motion of a 3D physical pendulum- the complex motion can be broken down into oscillations along two dimensions and rotation about the point of contact. Made of stainless steel with a powder-coated base, the stick figure plus counterweights and bar structure is designed such that its center of mass is few centimeters below the contact point when at rest. When the sculpture is tipped the center of mass swings under the pivot point in this stable equilibrium condition- no magnets needed to create this physics magic. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get Kyle's work and many other physics toys. #KylesKinetics #kineticart #centerofmass #lowcenterofmass #balancetoy #physicstoy #physicsart #physics #stableequilibrium #equilibrium #oscillations #physicalpendulum #pendulum #torque #restoringforce #desktoy #science #scienceisawesome #newtonssecondlaw #centerofgravity
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Kyle Auga creates incredible kinetic sculptures- all of them use physics to showcase the unexpected nature of nature.

Check out Kyle's art on Etsy: Kyle's Kinetics
Contact Kyle through Etsy or IG.

Paperclip Magnetic Top
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This vintage top is no longer in production. See the next video for a similar top, this one will work with a paper clip as well.

Magnetic Top and Snake
Here is the exact model in the video

From eBay: Spinning Top and Snake

Spinning a Shiva Stone
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Available here:

From Amazon: Shiva Stone

See the next video and links for the PhiTOP, a physics toy inspired by these polished ellipsoid stones.

The ΦTop - Golden Version
The ΦTop - Golden Version: spinning things have surprising physics! This unique top is made of solid brass in the shape of an prolate elIipsoid- and the name of the top is derived from the following design requirement: the ratio of the semi minor (short) axis to the semi major (long) axis is made equal to the mathematical constant the golden ratio φ (phi). Invented by astrophysicist Kenneth Brecher, this top stands up vertically (when spun with sufficient rotational velocity) due to physics similar to that of the tippy-top. The concave mirror keeps the top from wandering off and the glass surface has minimal friction allowing the top to spin for minutes. ➡️ Learn more and get one for yourself!- follow the link in my profile. #PhiTOP #ellipsoid #oblateellipsoid #conicsections #tippetop #torque #angularmomentum #rotationalinertia #physics #physicstoy #flip #flipover #precession #spin #spinning #top #spinningtop #science #scienceisawesome
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This version of the ΦTop is made of solid brass and has a mass more than three times that of the aluminium version (see photo below), the difference in weight is substantial and obvious when handling these tops. The brass version will spin much longer due to its larger inertia.

Professor Brecher has a limited supply of these "golden" (brass) versions of this top available on Etsy

From Etsy: PhiTOP in Brass

An aluminum version (less expensive) is available here and comes with a mirror:

From Educational Innovations: PhiTOP

Read about the history and inspiration behind the ΦTop in this article by the inventor Kenneth Brecher, Professor of Astrophysics at Boston University.

The physics that describes why the ΦTop rises to the vertical orientation when spun is very similar to that of the tippie-top described in this blog post: The Tippie-Top

Chatoyancy in Tiger Iron Sphere
Beautiful specimens are available at reasonable prices.

From Amazon: Tiger Iron Sphere

Uranium Glass Marbles
Available here:

From Amazon: Uranium Marbles

And get the 405nm Laser here:

From eBay: 405nm Laser

Skew Dice
Skew Dice: these unusually shaped dice are completely fair- roll them and the probability of outcomes are identical to a standard set of dice! The odd shapes are a special type of polyhedra called asymmetric trigonal trapezohedra which come in right and left handed versions- this set has one of each (mirror images of each other). What allows this shape to be fair like a cube has to do with the property of being isohedral, where each face of an object will map onto all other faces via a symmetry of the object. Manufactured by The Dice Lab. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info about where to get these and many other items featured here on @physicsfun #mathtoy #geometry #physics #physicstoy #fairdice #isohedral #polyhedra #skewdice #trigonal #probability #mirrorsymmetric #trapezohedron #dice #science #mathstoy
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Available here!

From Amazon: Skew Dice

Infinity Mirror Portal
Get one here

From Amazon: Infinite Dungeon Corridor

Self Propelled Homopolar Motor
Self Propelled Homopolar Motor: cylindrical neodymium magnets supply the static magnetic field for this motor and become the wheels of a very simple vehicle with an AA battery as the energy source. As soon as both ends of the copper wire make contact an electric current will flow which in turn induces a magnetic field around the wire. This induced field around the copper wire will then interact with the neodymium magnets on each end causing them to spin- a wonderful example of a motor with minimal components. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info about where to get this and other items featured here on @physicsfun #homopolar #motor #homopolarmotor #physics #physicstoy #electromagnetism #magnets #neodymium #ampereslaw #electromagnet #current #copper #selfpropelled #science #scienceisawesome
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The components include one AA battery, disk neodymium magnets of two diameters, and a piece of 18 gauge grounding wire. Two disk magnets need to be roughly the diameter of the AA battery (approximately 14mm):

From Amazon: 12mm Disk Magnets
and you'll need two disk magnets to act as the wheels:

From Amazon: 25mm Disk Magnets
The wire used is just bare copper grounding wire:

From Amazon: Bare Copper Wire 10 gauge

The trick is to get the battery and magnets centered as best as possible- and off it goes!

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Small samples with historical display info available here:

From Amazon: Trinitite Sample

Larger samples available here, and here.

Wikepedia has the details on this first test: Trinity

The dark splotch is the glass layer as seen from the air.

Click here for more:
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