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Lava Lamp in Time-lapse
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Vintage Lava Lightning Lamp

Lava Lightning Lamp: low pressure noble gasses glow due to discharge from high voltage and stimulate colored phosphors to emit yellow, blue, and red in this vintage device by Lava. A small high frequency coil at center creates the high voltage potential between the center electrode and the outer glass casing which is coated with a thin transparent film of metal. Current flow through the thin gas produces the glowing zigzagged path like that of lightning but more rounded. Shown here in 240 fps slow motion. Another of my vintage plasma lamps in my collection. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get plasma lamps and many other items featured on @physicsfun #plasma #plasmaball #plasmaglobe #physics #physicstoy #physicsfun #emissionspectra #electromagnetism #glow #glowdischarge #lightbulb #lavalamp #lavalite #lightning #highvoltage #science #scienceisawesome

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Frozen Lightning Fractal Lamp

Frozen Lightning Lamp: a Lichtenberg fractal created by electron discharge from a charged acrylic insulator. A piece of nonconducting acrylic is filled with electrons using a linear accelerator and then discharged to ground with a flash and bang- the figure is the permanent result. Electrons typically will not flow through an insulator, but a high velocity beam of them from a linear accelerator allows the electrons to tunnel deep into the plastic and build up a very large charge slowly. Such a large charge can then create a high enough voltage to create a breakdown arc which is hot enough to leave the fractal pattern. This piece is part of the Captured Lightning Sculptures series by Stoneridge Engineering LLC. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get fractal sculptures like this and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #Litchenberg #frozenlightning #fractal #electron #linearaccelerator #beamtree #physics #physicstoy #lamp #lavalamp #electromagnetism #science #lightning #highvoltage #scienceisawesome #electricity #arc #electricarc #fractalart #fractalsculpture

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