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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SPINPAL Kickstarter History

SPINPAL DP Double Pendulum Desktop Physics Toy
The Kickstarter campaign was fully supported: Click here to order: SPINPAL DP Bakerkit
SPINPAL DP Double Pendulum Desktop Physics Toy in action:

SPINPAL DP Double Pendulum: chaotic motion from a simple assembly of two physical pendulums (one attached to the end of the other) with the energy of the system moving frenetically back and forth between the potential energy of gravity to the kinetic energy of motion. Chaotic motion is characterized by extreme sensitivity to initial starting conditions, tiny differences in how the system is released leads to dramatically different outcomes each time. This double pendulum is now available on Kickstarter- another quality physics toy from the SPINPAL line, where bearings are used at the pivot points to minimize fiction so that the energy takes many minutes to dissipate. Thanks to @spinpal.fidget for sending me this great double pendulum! ➡ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get get this and many of the items featured on @physicsfun #physicstoy #chaos #chaoticmotion #chaostheory #kineticart #pendulum #doublependulum #spinpal #spinpalDP #physicalpendulum #strangeattractor #science #scienceisawesome

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Get a Double Pendulum Desktop Physics Toy here:

From Kickstarter: ORDER NOW SPINPAL DP from Bakerkit


The latest KickStarter from SPINPAL- the Stout, with more mass giving longer spin times.

From KickStarter: Click here to order: Spinpal Stout

SPINPAL Mini in action:

The two color design is available in a multitude of colors:

The Kickstarter campaign was successful: Click here to order: SPINPAL Mini
The Physics: Three heavy steel spheres provide substantial rotational inertia in this design. Large rotational inertia combined with precision bearings makes for long spin times and gyroscopic stability that resists changes in orientation that can be felt by the hand.

The Fun: A smaller version compared to other spinners on the market– the SPINPAL Mini is perfect for kid-sized hands but still large enough and heavy enough for long spin times. The SPINPAL Mini is also a pencil topper: Give your writing gyroscopic stability!

The SPINPAL Mini is the smaller cousin of the SPINPAL:

SPINPAL in action:
The SPINPAL Kickstarter was a success too:

From KickStarter: Click here to order: Spinpal Fidget
Click on "Pre-order Now"

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