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Friday, September 16, 2016

the Swinging Sticks

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The craftsmanship of this product is superb- the best kinetic sculpture of its kind available.
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The Physics:

Made famous when featured on the desk of Pepper Potts in Iron Man II, this sculpture displays chaotic motion that is both pleasing and memorizing. Based on the physics of the coupled physical pendulum, the motion of the rods is extremely sensitive to the initial conditions upon when they were set into motion, the essence of the technical term chaotic motion. The intricate motion is maximized by careful consideration of the location of the pivot joints, and by weighting the rods just right.

The rods are kept in motion by an electromagnetic kicker circuit in the base that pushes on a magnet in the tip of the longer rod. The essence of a basic kicker circuit is quite simple and includes the following components: a coil which serves as an electromagnet, 4 AA batteries to energize the coil, and a transistor as a switch. I have not disassembled the base of my sculpture, but I'm quite sure the circuitry is similar (and more advanced) to some of my other physics toys such as the Mystery Top and the Space Wheel that use the design described in this 1974 patent: Novelty Electric Motor.

This kind of kicker circuit is very efficient with no moving parts (except for the sculpture itself). This efficient use of electricity, along with careful engineering with respect to balance and minimal friction, leads to a battery life of up to 2 years.

Swinging Sticks in action:

The Swinging Sticks: kinetic art of coupled physical pendulums. This device was featured in the movie Iron Man II (sitting on the desk of Pepper Potts) and I've been contacted by the seller of The Swinging Sticks, @GeelongShopcom, to share a special coupon code with my followers that will provide free worldwide shipping and a $10 USD discount on any purchases of The Swinging Sticks. Use the coupon code “PHYSICSFUN” on their website www.GeelongShop.com to take advantage of this special offer. The physics magic of this device is the essence of chaotic motion- the placement of the rods' axes of rotation are engineered to exhibit the widest range of interesting motion. Four AA batteries and a simple kicker circuit in the base gives a push to a magnet in the end of the large rod keeping the system in motion for up to two years! ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for more information and how to order with this special coupon offer. #physics #physicstoy #pendulum #coupledpendulums #coupledharmonicoscillator #harmonic #physicalpendulum #chaos #chaostheory #nonlinear #nonlineardynamics #strangeattractor #science #kinetic #kineticart #swingingsticks #theswingingsticks #ironman #pepperpotts #scienceisawesome

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