Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome IG friends

Welcome to my orphaned blog! I hope to resume occasional posts in the coming months.

Since October of 2013 I have been posting about 5 IG posts per week as a means of showcasing my collection of physics toys and other enigmatic objects of science. My posts are primarily videos since that format allows the fullest exploration of the kind of phenomena exhibited by the objects I collect. My initial goal was to post a more detailed blog entry here for each one of my IG posts, but I underestimated the time it takes in composing these blog entries and found it challenging to do better than what can be found on the Wikipedia pages that exist for the most famous of these science toys. Instead I discovered that composing a meaningful video of physics phenomena within the strict IG limit of 15 seconds is tricky yet tremendously fun and rewarding.

Thus far I have not run out of material to post and I hope to continue posting on IG for the foreseeable future-- and I will do my best to showcase an item per month in more detail here.

Many have asked me where they can buy these amazing items-- check out my Physics Toy Store page for my recommendations and sources. Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Hey Ray, I've followed your IG for some time now and love all your toys. Like you, I love physics toys and their unique ways of displaying the physics of the universe. I create balancing sculptures and was wondering if there is anyone I could get you to showcase one them on your IG. I have a passion for making these things because I love the way they move and balance. I'm trying to gain exposure and would really love your help because I know that if more people can see my work they will find them as fascinating as I still do. It's just very difficult to gain followers and exposure on any platform. Please check out my site at Kyleskinetics.com or my IG @kyleskinetics

Thanks for your consideration!


Timer said...

Hello Ray , I hope you resume posting on this great blog and introduce more of these physics toys.

I really enjoy this blog.

Thanks and good luck.